Friday, March 15, 2013

Feb 21, 2013 Third week in the CCM (MTC-DR)

Here’s a quick rundown of this past week (in pictures and words):

Every morning I can see the DR Flag being raised. 

We have PE, but the sisters also like to workout in our dorm rooms.

A voice lesson for the CCM instructors!

Feb 14:  Two of my language teachers (Hermanos Nunez and Rodriguez) asked me to give them a voice lesson, so I did for 40 minutes!  I used remote controls (in place of my hands) to check their breathing as I taught them how to breathe correctly.  I basically pretended to be Gayle (my awesome voice teacher!). It was VERY satisfying. I MISS YOU, GAYLE!

New skill:  I'm becoming very good at whistling!  Like as good as Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins.  The Haitians especially like it. :)

Guess what:  Five of the ten new American sisters (who arrived Feb 13) know ASL! We sign sometimes, which always makes me happy. :)  

Feb15:  My companion Hna. Butler got sick, so I stayed with her while she slept.  For 3 hours I got to study my way (haha):  sitting on my top bunk bed with the temple in sight, with soft music. :)  Later that day, Hna Butler was still too sick to eat anything, BUT I brought some bouillon with me.  We went down to the empty kitchen, and I made some broth for her- which she loved!  I'm grateful I could serve my companion in that way. :)  
Feb 16:  I helped practice greeting to the new all-girl district.  We had a good long chat!! My confidence went sky high that morning!  Mid-day, during gym, I ran just over a mile on the treadmill.  It was nice!   Before dinner, all my Spanish teachers and companions wanted to hear me sing, so I sang "I Know that My Redeemer lives.”   At dinner, Elder Joseph (from Haiti) told me I sound the most French of all the other Americans.  That's probably because I grew up hearing my mom (who is a return missionary from the France Paris Mission) speak some French in our home, and sing “I am a child of God” in French (Je suis enfant de Dieu).  :)  

My district's sisters pose for a picture with the new all-sister district.

Feb 17:  I heard the sacrament prayers in French for the first time ever!   During free-time, I had the two Haitian sisters listen to my Mom's 1996 recording of “I am a Child of God” in French.  Soeur Felcy said, "Yoh Mama vohce es sweet!"  I replied, "Merci!" Then we sang a little bit of the song together. :)  

Feb18:   I was very tired and slept throughout the day... Oops!  Before dinner, Hna. Butler did my hair, creating a cool twisty half-up-do thing. Notice how frizzy my hair is! My district received a new Elder: Elder Hall who had already completed 3 weeks in the Provo MTC, and now will finish his last 3 weeks here in the CCM.  He's also going to Puerto Rico.  
New hair design with twisty knot.
Feb 19: Elder Cornish from the 70 gave a morning devotional.  My district sang the EFY Medley as a musical number before he spoke.  His talk was about missionary work and how simple and important it is.  Afterwards, when he shook my hand, he asked me where I’m from (and what stake).  It turns out he used to be in the Bonneville Provo Stake!  :)  

Feb 20:  My good friend and CCM instructor Hermana Laureano had me read aloud from the Spanish PMG while she did my nails for fun.  HA! During break, Hna Burgess asked me to massage her back.  We talked while I helped her get the knots out.  :)  

Feb 21:  (TODAY!)  I got some letters and emails! :D Gracias to Mom, Melissa, Elder David, Jonathan, and Elder Pena!  I went to the temple here a second time. It was really good! We did a session in English (I did a Biala Lormeau from Carrefour, Ouest, who is a French ancestor of Soeur Formetus here in the CCM!), and then did sealings with Pres and Sis. Freestone.  We each did 2 names. We helped seal families from France, Holland, Norway, England, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, and America.  It was amazing!!!  

I love and miss you all SOO much!  Until next week!!   Hermana Bean
Hermana Sullivan and Hermana Bean

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