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Feb 28, 2013 “If you think you can, then you can!”

Do-it-yourself haircut!
Feb 21:  At 4:30pm while my hermanas were writing, I decided to trim 3-4 inches off my hair.  I had a lot of split ends and my hair was getting too long. I can’t describe how hilarious it was when Hermanas Burgess and Sullivan gasped at my handiwork! :) They weren’t expecting to look up at me holding scissors and hair pieces in my hand!  Ha ha :) But they were impressed with the finished look.  

Had to get a snapshot of this!

 A few minutes later, I asked the Haitian sisters if we could practice our musical number for Sunday. We’re singing "Je suis enfant de Dieu/I am a child of God" in French (and a little bit of English).  Before we practiced, we noticed Soeur Telcy and I were wearing the same flipflops! 
Because they are the only Haitian sisters here, and the only ones who speak French, it’s hard to include them, so I'm VERY grateful I know this hymn in French, and I can sing it with Soeur Telcy on Sunday before the Haitian missionaries return to Haiti.  :)  Gracias, Mom for teaching me this song!  Preparation day ended with regular study.

Feb 22:  From 3-4:30pm we went contacting at the University- to give people pamphlets about the gospel.  For over an hour my companions did all the talking while I stood to the side. They speak way better Spanish than I do, but still, I felt so frustrated. Everyone they talked ignored me until I said a happy "Mucho gusto!"  No bueno.  We were deciding where to go next, and I saw a girl sitting by herself, slowly brushing her hair. I felt a strong surge of energy to go talk to her.  I told my companions to follow me, and I briskly walked over to the girl: "Hola! Como esta?  Bien?  Bueno bueno.  Mi nombre es Hermana Bean.  Cual es su nombre?  Okay!  Somos misionaras de La Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Ultimos Dias."  My companions then continued the conversation, and at the end, they asked me to bear my testimony.  "Si.  Yo se que Dios nos ama, y yo se que fe en Jesucristo y Dios, nuestro Padre Celestial, es bueno.  Mi vida es mejor porque yo se que."  That's basically what I said. :)  Without any help, or reading it.  It was the first time I spoke Espanol from MY knowledge.  YEAHHH!!!!!!!   We then left her with a pamphlet, and we were all 10x happier. We were all proud, and thankful for this experience.

Hermanas Walker and Bean :)
A couple hours later our language teacher Hno. Rubio had us go outside the CCM bldg to chat with the Latinos.  The hermanas and I spoke to like 14 youth.  When I said "Antes mi mision, yo estudiaba musica.  Cantar..." they instantly asked me to sing for them. They even started to chant!  SO I sang the EFY chorus of "Come to the Mountain of the Lord."  Then they wanted Hno. Rubio, Hna. Butler and me to sing "Silent Night."  The key was set too high, but we stayed on pitch. The youth enjoyed the mini talent show. Haha.  At 9pm, an American hermana from the all-girl district, Hermana Walker (a wonderful friend!), and I noticed we wore the exact same outfit today!  We didn't plan it!  How crazy awesome is that?! 
Before bed, I said my first Spanglish prayer without reading it, in companion prayer.  :) I said even more Spanish words that I (mostly) memorized.  :)  It was a great day!

Feb 23:   The only thing different other than studying was that during free time, the hermanas in my district and I did a hilarious laughing game, in our room.  We laid on our backs in a row and took turns laughing softly to loudly.  SO funny!  Another good one was to open your mouth as far as you can, and pretend to laugh.  :)  That was fun, too!    

I drew this sign 2 days ahead of time, so it would be ready for this picture on Sunday!
Feb 24:   HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!  I thought about you the ENTIRE day! 
For breakfast, there was banana bread, (a family tradition-ish). In the middle of the sacrament meeting Soeur Telcy, Soeur Cuenot (a teacher), and I sang "I Am A Child of God" in French/English (thanks to Mom for teaching me during my childhood.)  A lot of the Haitians told me "Abbie Beh-rthdee to yoh Mama!" throughout the day. :) During personal time, I looked up "Mother" in the Topical Guide, and remembered the wonderful verses in Alma about mothers. :)  We watched a video called Legacy (my mom loves the pioneers!) 

Cats on the temple grounds
At 6pm, I saw 3 beautiful cats walking around the temple (first time since leaving Gypsy). These are the first cats I've seen in the DR!  I've seen a lot of dogs, some cute, others scary, looking rough and sick and hungry on the streets - :( No bueno.  But these cats looked so cute just trotting around the temple grounds!

 We all watched a devotional filmed in the Provo MTC back in April 2012 that featured Elder Ballard (amazing) and a musical number "The Spirit of God" sung by Elder Archuleta.  His performance was powerful, emotional, and tender. WOW. After the devotional video, I read my Patriarchal Blessing (Mom's my friend!). The rest of the evening was rough because I was missing my mom's birthday for the first time in my life.  I felt lonely and super sad, BUT the things I saw and experienced today helped me a lot.  Really, the day was wonderful, and I'm grateful for the blessings of love I received. :)
Feb 25:  I was mostly quiet the whole day, and fasted a little bit.  At 2pm the hermanas and I went down to the temple laundry room and folded temple and ceremonial clothing as a way to give service.  :)  At 3:45pm I took a short nap!  :) 6pm was TRC (where we role play giving a lesson) with the Shavers. :)  Near the end of our "lesson" they asked me to sign something in ASL ("I am a Child of God"), and asked me a couple questions about the language. :)   At family prayer, I got 2 postcards from Mom and Jonathan! Gracias! 

Soeurs Telcy and Formetus with Hermana Bean

Tonight was also the Haitians last night. The two Soeurs (Telcy and Formetus) and I said a long goodbye in their room. It included taking pictures, journal messages, talking, showing my family pictures... (Soeur Telcy thinks David is handsome, haha! and she wants to call Mom after her mission). We cried a little.  Soeur Telcy said, "Eh lahf oo." She's so sweet. 

The Soeurs were a comfort to me because my mom was a "Soeur" on her mission. :) My favorite Haitians were Soeur Telcy, and young Elder Sintyl. :)  I will miss them dearly.

I love you all and keep you in my prayers!   Have a wonderful week!  :)

Until next time - Love, Hermana Bean


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