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April 22, 2013 Final week in Guaynabo - short but happy time!

Mon. Apr 15  - I cleaned and vacuummed the car by myself - Fun alone time with the water hose! :)  Haha! I had freetime afterwards and I wrote Elder A. Woodruff a letter! :)  That night, we met with Kate and her family, and an 18 yr named Gibran (who speaks some English). :)
Gibran with Hnas Parker and Graham
Tues. Apr 16- We had another training session in the office today!  We waited for hours and hours for President to interview a list of people (Sis. Parker was one of them).  So I chilled out in the office and nibbled on leftover food from On the Border.  We were at the office from 7am - 3:30pm!!  Later we taught Vivian (a spunky 30-yr-old woman) and we taught about tithing. :)  She's so devoted and wonderful!  :)  Later that night, we taught Keshalee, and had some Coldstone before Planning back at the house! :)  [Whenever Sis. Parker cries, we go get some Coldstone.  It's a tradition they've done for the 10 weeks they have been together!]

Wed. Apr 17- For Gym, we ran around a nearby track!  :)  It's very nice!  We had extra (training) study in the park a few hours later, as it RAINED on us!  We were stuck under the pavillion for a couple hours as the rain just poured down!!  Later that evening, we taught J (an older lady from the smaller islands who wants to be baptized by the restored and proper priesthood authority, but still attend her other church (she doesn’t quite understand baptismal commitments yet). We then helped a recent convert Sylvia move a couch upstairs in her apartment to the downstairs main room.  The Elders came to help 'cause the couch could only be hoisted off the edge and dropped down in front of the building, then pulled onto the balcony and taken through that way (if that makes sense).  Well, anway, we then taught a great lesson with Miquel.  And then taught Gibran again (he's progressing and really finding a lot of faith!)
One of the biggest apt bldgs I've ever seen - Gibran lives here
Thur. Apr 18 - For extra companion study, we went to Krispie Kreme!!  Haha that was very nice!  :)  Sisters Parker and Graham do alot of fun things like that. 
Happy trio of missionaries at Krispy Kreme!

We met with Sonia and Tatiana, had a short lesson with Dora (a recent convert), and then we were with Gibran from 5 till 7:30pm. He had a lot of questions to ask and get answered.
We arrived late to our Ward Mission Meeting, but we got there in time to celebrate our Ward Mission Leader's B-day! :) 
Before planning, (back at the house) we tried but couldn't find the coqui (little frog) chirping in the palm tree.  I WANNA SEE ONE!! Haha!

Fri. Apr 19 - Mid-morning, we went on the train (not a lot of successful contacts.)  We met with Lulu (a spunky woman who reminds me a bit of Ellen DeGeneres).  Our day ended with teaching Shaida (I’ve met so many new people this week I can hardly recall it now).  Although this day was a bit slow, I am getting a lot of questions answered by my companions about how to do our work. :)  I'm so grateful for these two wonderful sister missionaries!

Sat. Apr 20 - We had language study and extra study at the train station, and then contacted on the train.    I talked to an older couple, a young family, and a single woman. I gave a pamplet to each of them. :)  First contact I did by myself!  I humbly say, I'm proud.  :) 
We then went to a small BBQ at Jorge's house (a member) and had a great dinner with his family.   Transfers will be early next week, and both Hna Parker and I will be tranferred.
Jorge's BBQ
  Afterwards, we visited the B— family. They reminded me so much of my Uncle John and Aunt Kim!  Even their house too!!, and then we met with Sis. A, who is very sweet (but at that point I was zoning out from further concentration on Spanish. Haha). Right before planning, we had Coldstone, one last time (as a companionship). :)

Sun. Apr 21 - We sister-missionaries were asked to teach the Relief Society lesson today, so I read Ch. 8 of the Teachings of Lorenzo Snow book, and prepared some notes and a lesson plan. :)  The other hermanas wanted to follow my lesson plan. :)  I said the opening prayer in Sac. mtg and then taught the RS lesson. :)  It was good!  (And it was in English!!  It's the Metro ward!)  We met with friendly, talkative- Anna Marie, and her cat Split (who was very loving and friendly to me, haha). :)  So cute. 
Our trio with Paria and Maggie
We had dinner at the R—'s (members) with Maggie and Paria (investigators) and taught the Doctine of Christ. :)  It went great!  We then went home, and Sis. Parker and I packed our stuff for tomorrow's transfers.  Whew. 

Mon Apr 22 - We said g'bye, and Sister Parker and I drove to the Mission Office first, switched cars, drove to Ponce to do some more switching, and then I drove with MY
NEW COMPANION Sis. Flores to Mayaguez!!  I'm in Mayaguez!  The far, far left side of Puerto Rico. :)  And Sis. Flores is so sweet! :)  I'm excited!  And we have an entire house to ourselves!  EEE!!
I'm typing in the University computer lab. :)  Love you all!  Hope to hear from you all! :)  Keep smiling, and pressing on!  I'm glad I"m on a mission!

Till next time,
Love, Sister Emily Bean

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