Monday, April 29, 2013

April 15, 2013 I'm in Guaynabo!

Hello, Hello!  Another week has gone by -  And what an unusual, but blessed week it has been!
Gorgeous sunrise in Puerto Rico
I have been transferred to Guaynabo to be with some English-speaking missionaries (at least until the next transfer, two weeks from now). This has turned out to be a wonderful blessing, as I’ve been able to speak freely in English and get many of my questions about procedures, etc answered. The Guaynabo house has two regular sister missionaries, Sisters Parker and Graham (I love them!), plus an older sister who is a nurse, (Sister Visker). She is  wonderful, too!  She helps take care of health issues for the missionaries, and does such cute things:  like making gluten-free noodle soup (my first ever) and offering pumpkin pie before bed one night. Sunday night was her 70th birthday, and Sisters Parker and Graham and I had fun celebrating it! 
Hermanas Parker and Graham decorating for Sister Visker's B-day!

Happy Birthday Sister Visker!
I have tried hard to catch up on my missionary journal, and continue to study, study, study Spanish.  I wish I knew more Spanish.  Well, thankfully I've got 15-ish more months to do that!  [ASL came easily to me, but Spanish...?!]

Today, April 15, is some sort of holiday (everything is closed) so I am using Sister Visker’s laptop, and don’t have much time to write.  Here are a few highlights of this week:
- I enjoyed running around a nearby track for morning workout with Sisters Parker and Graham.
- Friday evening, I saw a cultural event with choir, youth bell group, and a 6-person FOLK DANCE group!!  I LOVED their dances and costumes!  It brought back AWESOME memories from BYU's Folk Dance!  And I got a picture with a weird Ponce mask monster thingy....

I love Folk Dance!
Hna Bean with a dancer wearing a Ponce devil mask.
- For Church, we went to an ENGLISH-speaking sacrament meeting!  I bore my testimony, and then we stayed for the Spanish sacrament meeting.  :)  Very wonderful.  The rest of the day consisted of us doing short (hallway) lessons in apartments. 

Hna Bean with Kathy the Snake!
For dinner, we ate at the Radcliffe's (English) who have SNAKES!!  We took a picture of me holding Kathy the snake!  Haha!  We also taught the Plan of Salvation in ENGLISH to two women- again, wonderful!  I love to teach.
- Today (Monday) was District Meeting.  It was super!  :) Missionaries are hilarious sometimes.  :)  And I got a letter from Miriam - Thanks!  We then ran some errands where I got a really good backpack (much better for biking)! 
As my mission continues, I find it getting harder, yet easier at the same time.  Perhaps I'm truly just starting to get used to some things.  It's hard to be independent in such a different place.  Whew.  BUT, life is good. And I was blessed this week to have this transfer, even though I will miss the people of Caguas. I am so grateful for the blessings I receive each day.  :)  Thank you for all your prayers and support! 
Love you all!  :)  Till next time,
Sister Emily Bean

Rainbow over Puerto Rico!

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