Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 1, 2013 Three Cars in 1 Week, Two Jungle Drives, a Pastoreo and a Baptism

View of mountains near Caguas (from an online photo)
Mon. Mar 25 - This evening I rode in a jeep up all over the Caguas, Puerto Rico jungle mountains: straight up, straight down, wide sideways turns... You name it.  A better version of the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland.  Terr-i-fy-ing.  Just to get to one house... Gotta love missionary work in the Jungle!  Haha

Tues. Mar 26 - MY FRIEND HNA ERICKSON came to Puerto Rico super early!!! [She was transferred out from the CCM in the DR.] We hugged and talked a ton at the office in Bayamon. :)  Presidents Anderson and Alvarado spoke.  :)  I led the entire group of missionaries with the Purpose and D&C 4:2 beforehand.  I was nervous.  :)  English and Spanish memorization. :)  Also, the leaders wanted us to switch cars for outer repairs, so we got a beaten up old Black car... No me gusta.... Drove to Aguas Buenas for a Pastoreo- splits with members to visit inactives.  It was wonderful!  I was paired with two women who both speak English so it was nice to connect more on the communication level. :)  One of the members we visited has a missionary daughter that comes home from NY April 3rd! :)  We talked and talked. ;)

Wed. Mar 27 - We drove ALL THE WAY to Ponce!!!  A most horrifying drive there.  Deep pot holes and bumpy highways the entire drive there... When we got there (for a training meeting), I saw Elder Dallin Baldwin!  Four years ago, we were dance partners at a summer music theatre camp at BYU.  We did a scene from Footloose. :) We were good buddies. We had NO idea we had been called to the same mission. He's been on his mission since about October. :)  The drive back to Caguas was scary 'cause our car started to make bad noises and smells.  We called Elder Pietz (the mission car man) when we got back "home."

Thurs. Mar 28 - My companion and I drove 30 mins to the mission home to exchange cars.  Again.  3 different cars in 1 week.  Driving in Puerto Rico.... I'm glad I'm alive and so careful on the road. Anyway, that night we supported Elder Kelly's baptism of a 9 yr old girl.  It was my first baptism experience here on a mission! :)  It was very nice, and wonderful to hear the prayer in Spanish!  Wow!

Fri. Mar 29 - We followed the Elders up to the tip top of a mountain (another terrifying drive) and what a view it was at the top!  It was foggy, but very, very beautiful! :)  We sang "Armies of Helaman" in Spanish for a youth camping activity. ;)  That night in Caguas, we started a fast with an older woman who needs to stop some bad habits before baptism. :)  She has a deep desire to change. She comes to church every Sunday!  She's amazing!  :)  I am happy to add my faith and fasting on her behalf.

There's no time to finish this week, so I'll catch up next week! :) Love you all!  Stay safe!  I"ll get into more detail about the people we're teaching next time! :) Thank you for all your support and letters!  I LOVE getting them!  They make me so-oo happy!  The Gospel is true! :)

Love, Hna. Bean

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