Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Final pictures from the CCM in the Dominican Republic

Note:  Here are some "last" pictures from the CCM in the Dominican Republic. 

Our District "before" (at the beginning of our training)

Our District "after" (at the end of our training)

A package from home! 
President Freestone in his office

CCM President Freestone and Hna Bean

Gifts exchanged between friends

The blue stone pendant is made from Larimar - a stone found uniquely in the DR.  The bracelet was made by Hna Bean as a thank you gift to reflect the colors of the stone given her.

A special place and treasured time

Last view of the Dominican Republic

Hna Bean's flight from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico left March 12
in the morning.

This was her last view of the DR from the plane.

P.S. I have updated a previous blog with a couple of pictures taken when Hna Bean first arrived in Puerto Rico.  You may want to scroll back for a second look at the blog titled March 18, 2013 I'm in Caguas! There are Coquis!

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