Monday, June 24, 2013

June 17, 2013 Back and forth and finally home, again!

Our angel:  mission nurse Sister Visker!
Tues. June 11: We packed and were free to drive back to Mayaguez!!  We got a ton of pills and food for Hna Flores, and once home spent the bulk of the day in our own house.  It was really good to be “home.”  I had lots of free time to unpack, organize my stuff, eat lunch, and focus on studying, etc while Hna Flores rested.  At 7pm we went to our Ward Council Meeting, even though we had not been able to meet with ANYBODY this entire week.  We just enjoyed being there.  

Wed. June 12:  We made plans for two visits today, but before that could happen we got a frantic call from Sister Alvarado (wife of the mission president and sort of our mission “mom.”).  She called us AND our mission nurse, Sister Visker, and said we had to RACE back up to Guaynabo (a 2+ hour drive) to the hospital!!  Something was VERY, VERY wrong with Sister Flores!  They had received more blood test results that morning (from the blood drawn on Monday), and her numbers for her liver were 10X more than they should be! (Instead of a normal 30 and 50, they were like 300 and 500.)  So, from this sudden emergency call, we packed for the week, and drove up there!  We met up with Sister Visker who immediately took us to the hospital.  We waited in the FREEZING waiting room for hours and hours--for the rest of the day!!  They took Hna Flores’ blood again, checked other things, gave more tests, and FINALLY found out, at about midnight, that her numbers were already down since last they checked – and it was not as serious as they’d thought.  Of course, it was all a reaction from her having dengue.  Whew.  We did not need to stay the night in the Emergency Room, or the week in the hospital.  THANK HEAVENS!!  We then conked out at Sister Visker's house in Guaynabo, at 12:30am. 

Thurs. June 13:  7:30am we got up, packed, and once again drove back down to Mayaguez (2+ hour drive).  We got a couple things at Kmart, and I had a much wanted Taco Bell visit!!   We got back to the house safe and sound.  Later that evening, we had a chance to make a visit and talk about the 10 Commandments.  The woman we visited had concerns about obeying "Honor thy father and thy mother" as her parents are not exactly honorable in her eyes.  We talked a lot about that particular commandment.  Then we met with Marta, who is no longer in the hospital in Mayaguez, but she is still pretty sick.  She's back in her house, and trying to stay there - ’cause they don't have any more money for the hospital. :(  

The Espinosas will soon return home.
Fri. June 14:  The morning was relaxed and chill.  We studied and read, and waited for the senior missionaries Hno & Hna Espinosa to come inspect our house.  They brought MY MAIL!!  Thank you to Holly, Melissa, Uncle Mark, Mom, and Andrew Woodruff!   I spent some time writing some responses. In the evening we went over to the chapel and helped set up for the Ward Father's Day Dinner and Party. 
Big sign made for Father's Day dinner
It was A KILLER PARTY!!  People in Puerto Rico really care about Father's Day!  Big celebration!  The food was "rico!" :) And so, so good (except for the deep-fried pork skin chips I tried – they are not very “rico” – uh)!  I talked with Adiana N, who had just returned from her visit ALL OVER Utah last week!  She visited the Salt Lake City Temple, BYU Campus, and other such places!  Most important, she was sealed to her deceased parents.  What a blessing.  :)  We had a lot of fun talking about Utah.  :)   We both LOVE Utah so much.  Utah is our home! :) 
 We then watched a powerpoint that our ward Relief Society president had put together honoring people's fathers, or fatherly-figures who have been examples of strength and goodness for them.  I had submitted a picture of my Uncle Mark (like 2 weeks ago) as one such person in my life, and it was fun to see his face flash up on the screen! :)

Sat. June 15:  I had a lot of time to read today (while comp rested):  The Book of Mormon, and also Teachings of Lorenzo Snow. :)  We then met with recent convert Wanda, and also with Margarita.  It was a chill day – as we try to make sure Hna Flores gets her rest.  

Hna Bean w/ 6' 9" Garrett
Sun. June 16:  Church was nice!  2 little Primary girls gave me missionary drawings, and also made paper missionary nametags for themselves!  SO cute! :)  We also had a 6'9" basketball player from Logan, Utah visit, named Gary or Garrett.  Everybody wanted their picture with him!  IT was so funny!  I then read The Book of Mormon during lunch time (got from 2 Nephi to Mosiah!!)  We then drove to Cabo Rojo (the next city over) and visited with Maritza and Irvin.  They asked me tons of questions about UTAH – ’cause they are thinking about moving there. :)  They said that my coming to their house was an answer to their prayers!  It was a wonderful and very happy time talking to them, but poor Hna. Flores didn't understand any of it, ’cause she doesn't know English!  Haha  Afterwards, we had a group family dinner at the Bishop's with the Elders.  It was also very, very good!  (I better find a good diet --if this is what the Puerto Ricans do for Father's Day, then what's it going to be like when Thanksgiving and Christmas come around!?!  lol) 

5' 9" Hna Bean w/ tiny Hna Flores
Mon. June 17:  7am we had a District Meeting.  9:30am, we drove to the Post Office, where after weeks and weeks of waiting- I FINALLY have postal boxes, and tape, and bubble wrap, and more stamps!!!  WOOT!  I'm so excited!  From 10:15-noon, we did some laundry, and washed/vacuumed our car at member Lopez's house.  Whew!  NOW, we're back at the Mayaguez University, emailing! :)  What a crazy, random, kinda slow, yet kinda fast week!! 

Today, we might be going to the Zoo with the Elders and a recent convert Cristian.  We'll also be having an FHE group at Rose's house (talking about Eternal Families!).  Tuesday we're going to go to a Lab and get Hna. Flores's blood drawn and tested again - to be sure the numbers are going back down to normal.  Wednesday at 7pm, we will have Choir Practice, and practice singing "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" for the Stake Talent Show, which is this Saturday night.  I will also be singing a solo!  (That is, of course, another JOY for me!)  

Well, that's that!  I love you all!  Have a wonderful, wonderful week, and I'll write again NEXT Monday! :)  The work continues!  
Love, Sister Emily Bean 

Hna Wilson, another sister missionary in PR,
will be going home next week.  Don't you love our stair-step heights?!

Love, Sister Emily Bean

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