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May 20, 2013 Inspirational training mtg and my new Puerto Rican Driver's license

Mon. May 13:  Night time, we drove to Bayamon, by ourselves, a 3 hour drive, but thankfully, we got to Bayamon in 2 hours because there was no traffic!  We found Sis. Wilson's house and slept at her apartment!
Left to right:  Elders Varner, Ovatt and Zenger
Tues. May 14:  We had THE BEST training for new missionaries at the Bayamon office!  Three return missionaries, Elders Zenger, Varner, and Ovatt came and taught great lessons!  Brother Zenger is an MTC Teacher in Provo!!  HE is an INCREDIBLE teacher!  WOW!  I have great notes about his talk!  :)  One of the things he said was, "This work should matter to you, as much as it does to Him."  :)  I said the closing prayer after the 5 hour meeting, and afterwards, some American missionaries commented how I sounded fluent… (hahaha I wish!).  
I then had several things to have done at the mission office, such as getting my documents to get my Puerto Rican Driver's License (next P day)!  Elder Pietz helped us fill our tires with air, and we then drove back to Mayaguez!  We visited Lourdes, who gave us stew for dinner, and then had Ward Council meeting in the chapel.  I talked about the people we're meeting with and what their different needs are, IN SPANISH!  Yeh!

Wed. May 15:  Morning studies were regular, and then we visited with a recent convert “C”, who has a very forceful aunt who attacked me with questions about the church.  She wanted to “Bible Bash” about different doctrines.  I just listened and prayed she would calm down.  (It was kind of sad and also alarming – Christians may disagree about points of doctrine, but to “attack” one another over it?  The Savior taught us to be peaceable. To be contentious like that is to be so…not like Jesus.)  Well, we got out of there alive!  We then drove up the mountains to visit with “M” - a 15 yr old who is interested in the church. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and I used my big diagram! :)  IT WAS AMAZING!  Best lesson I ever gave in Spanish.  Visuals are genius!!!  I also extended the invitation to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by proper priesthood authority, and she said YES!  :)  We're hoping for June 8th! :)  

Thurs. May 16:  A lot of people weren't home, so we didn't get to meet with most of our appointments.  We did meet with Sis. Lugo (Relief Society Pres.) and she gave us a list of some people to contact. :)  Then we spent the rest of the evening with Ana R. who talks in very fast Spanish, so I was completely lost the whole time.  haha.

Fri. May 17:  We biked along the freeway to the University!  GAH!  Cars driving 60+ miles an hour three feet away from you... Oh man.  It was terrifying.  But we lived!  We did our studies at the University, and then biked/walked back to our house.  (The walk back is mostly uphill.  Killer!)  We had 10 minutes to wait for a member to come with us to see “M,” so I quickly bought another SD card for my camera. :)  We taught The Doctrine of Christ (2 Nephi 31) and again, it was a nice visit.  She is such a positive person!  She's ready.  :)  We then met with “T” - another investigator, age 17.  She says she has a testimony, and enjoys the members, but doesn't want to come to church, or get baptized just yet.  We will continue to help answer the questions that she has, and help her to come closer to Christ.  We want to help her experience all the blessings of the restored gospel.  :)  

Sat. May 18:  A little silly for me to say, but… I colored my toe nails this morning before studies.  :)  I wear closed toed shoes 24/7, so it's pointless, but it makes me happy.  haha :)  After studies, we met with Yamari.  I tried to focus on her, but a crazy crocodile feature was playing right next to her head.  Crazy distraction!  (When trying to feel the spirit, or just communicate, turn off the media!) Then we met with Dayanara and her daughter N.  Dayanara knows me as the white hermana who scratches her back.  haha :)   We studied The Book of Mormon and talked about the verses we read. :)  We then tried to meet with Ana R. again, but she wasn't there. Instead, six kids, ages 9 to 16 were sitting by her apartment door.  Sister Flores taught them the Restoration, the example to be baptized, and answered their questions, all under an hour!  WOW!  I gave them all the Restoration pamphlet, and they want us to come back sometime next week! WOW!  That evening we went to the chapel to support Cristian getting baptized.  He was taught by Elders Acor and Mendez. :)  It was a great experience.  We watched the older 20 minute version of The Restoration.  :)  

Caba Rojo ward party
After Cristian's baptism, we followed others to Cabo Rojo and had a fun rest of the evening with the members!  We had dinner, a fun luau-type party, and I also got MAIL!  THANK you Mom for the journal, card and photos, and to Lonette, and Melissa for their letters! :)  I LOVE mail!!  Great way to end the day!
Sun. May 19:  Church was regular, very wonderful!  We had a long Ward Mission meeting afterwards, but it, too, was so wonderful!  Brother Rosario (age 24) is a phenomenal teacher! He's very, very helpful with teaching things clearly, and using visuals.  He can speak both Spanish and English.  After the meeting, and lunch back at the house, we visited with Wanda, a recent convert, and talked to her for a little bit about Temples.  Then we picked up Flor and Abby (Young Women) and we visited with “M” again, mostly answering her questions and reading from the scriptures.  :)

Mon. May 20:  7am we had a Zone Conference in the Cabo Rojo chapel.  Around 11am, we drove to Aquadilla (about a 30 minute drive), to Cesco, which was a very hard-to-find Driver's License building.  After many phone calls to Elder Acor, we eventually found the building, did all the paper work, visited the eye doctor, got my picture taken, and waited (about 4 hours total), to get my Puerto Rican Driver's License!  Yeh! :D   But it was hard to say g'bye to my Utah License, MY FIRST ONE!  :(  

After we got back to Mayaguez, I got Hermana Flores and myself Chocolate Nutella malts (chocolate makes everything better).  :)  I am NOW emailing at Betsy's house (a member), ’cause the University is closed.  It's later in the day, but all is well. :)  I won't EVER have to get a driver's license during my mission again (hopefully, haha), so next week should mostly be a normal P day for us (to get more stuff done)! :)

 I LOVE YOU ALL!  I'm working and doing what I can!  :)  I'm trying each day, and finding more light and happiness during the trials and hard times.  :)  Have a great week!!!

Love, Hermana Bean  

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