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May 13, 2013 Teaching wonderful people, Spanish improving, Mother's Day skype!

What a week it's been!  It's been the slow-fast happy-nervous type week!  haha  Here's the info!
Can't get over how GREEN Puerto Rico is!
Mon. May 6:  Mom and I have been able to plan by email when the best time to skype will be (for Mother’s Day!) and who's skype account to use, etc...  :)  After email, Sis. Flores and I went to the pueblo (store) and then to Walgreens, and I contacted several women there!  :)  That night we met with Hno. Harry who is inactive.  He said he'll come to church on the 12th!!! 
Before we drove home, we contacted a family, and I guessed every kids’ age correctly (there were like 5!)  :)  Haha

Tues.May 7:  I felt super sick and dizzy after exercising- I'm pushing myself too hard.  Well, we eventually did weekly planning and had lunch.  It RAINED AND RAINED all day!  Our house got inspected by lovable Elder and Sister Espinosa, who brought chocolate, donuts, and a jug of OJ, for us!  They're the bomb.  (I never use that term unless I mean it. haha!)  We visited with a guy -I forgot his name- and while there, I saw his fish (in the tank) kiss!!!  Fish actually "kiss?!" It's not just a Disney thing!  haha We then tried to meet with Ana, but she was not home.  :/  BUT I left my first successful voicemail for her, IN SPANISH!!  Well, we then tried to meet with a family who live UP the winding mountains, but it was dark, and raining, and we were lost... So we went back down for Ward Council meeting. 
Young Women and "orange" theme
Then we went and joined the SPUNKY fun Young Women for their mutual night!  It was orange themed, (everything orange, including the food!) and we celebrated Flor's 16th bday! :)  Feliz Cumpleanos!! :)  It was nice to eat cake (after how long?).  :)

Wed. May 8:   I made my first Plan of Salvation diagram!  :)  I'm super proud of it!  Unfortunately, we haven't been able to use it yet, but we will!  And it's ready! :)  Teaching with visuals:  it’s my best friend! :)  After studies and lunch, we met with member Hno. Daniel who followed us up to Hna. Hilda's house.  I bore a long testimony during that lesson, and used words I hadn't ever used before!  It was a real growth builder for me.  :) 
 Hermanas Bean and Flores with Hna Martinez
We then met with Hna. Martinez, and in her growling car, we drove to some houses (no one was there) and eventually we visited with a woman named Milde.  I had the opportunity to share a mini lesson with 2 children.  One of them, “J, ” is 11yrs old, and I absolutely adore him - and I don't know why.  I shared some info and my testimony with him and his sibling, by myself, while Sis. Flores taught Milde.  GAH!  Before we left, I called over a cat, and it instantly came running to me.  The 2 children were amazed haha.  So I speak cat.  Great!  Another language I actually know!  hahaha.  

Well, Hna. Martinez drove us back to her house, and we had sandwiches and juice. :)  We then visited with the Lopez couple and watched a DVD about temples.  :)

Thurs. May 9:  President Alvarado called and talked to Sis. Flores.  He wants me to start a Young Women's CHOIR!!!  WHOA!?!?!  [Tues. the 14th- Pres is gonna tell me more info/details about this project!]  We did our studies for the day at the University (at the table- Attack of the flies!!)  We got member Nellie and visited with Yardin, a 19 yr old mom.  We then went back to Nellie's house, and Sis. Flores made real Mexican enchiladas for us. :)  I had a great conversation with Sis. Lugo, and she gave us unique, legit gems, brooches, and earrings for do-it-yourself projects.  We then visited with a large family (with a crazy hyper puppy -like the Taoha's dog!) .  I also met with Jennifer F, who has been home one week from her mission. :)

Fri. May 10: The first half of the morning not much happened, other than I got terribly sunburned arms and legs (even though I was wearing sunscreen!).  :(

Riding my bike along the streets of Mayaguez.
(This was the day I got so sunburned)

Later, we met with Dayanara and her kids (nine yr old girl and her brother).  We asked them to come to church with us this Sunday.  Maybe! :)
The Rupertos live high on the mountain

Then that night, we had a big ward Mother's Day dinner! :)
The food, music, and people were wonderful! :)

Sat. May 11:  We drove to the Conde family and gave service.  We cleaned their kitchen cupboards for them.  We stayed and had lunch there, and before we left, the Elder gave us a doughnut.  (They always have doughnuts or pizza...) 

Then we went contacting by the OCEAN!  We met with Joann.  She has a rare skin and heart condition, and has a roller coaster life story!  Well, we got member Wanda, and met with a couple more people - including ínactive Marta.  :)  They're so nice.  Wanda gave me a plant that has healing gel in it!  You put this plant residue on your burns and it heals them!  I haven't tried it yet, but the plant leaf is in our refrigerator!  Marta's daughter also gave me a commercial gel for sunburn.  :)  It was nice ’cause my burns REALLY hurt.  haha

By the ocean
Standing along the rocky shoreline

Sending love across the ocean to Utah!
My twin David is serving a mission in Brazil!!!! Sun. May 12:  
At church, Hno. Harry came and Hna. Dayanara, too!  WOOOT!  I had a great chat with friend Adiana N (a return missionary from Temple Square!)  We had lunch, and then just enough free-time for me to read in the Liahona magazine.  We met with Rose in her apartment, and then drove to the Lugo's house where I got to SKYPE my family!!!  I SAW my twin Elder David!!  It was so good to see him and talk with him!  I'm so proud of him and am soo glad we're serving our missions together!  Being a twin is such a wonderful blessing!  

Grandma, Mom (holding Gypsy, our cat) and Jonathan

And I saw my family in UTAH!  I talked to Mom, Jonathan, Grandma, and saw each of my 4 cats!  Oh yes!  It was the best blessing!!  They are all doing so well, and I love and miss them a lot!  How blessed I am to have been given permission to skype two different accounts (rules generally only allow one skype connection).   I had some tears after skyping, but we drove to the Bishop's and had a great big dinner with lots of people!  It was good for me to focus on that. :)  It was a great Mother's Day!!!

Mon. May 13:  We had a meeting in the chapel, then did our laundry and washed & vacuumed the car.  We then RACED to the university to email! :)

And that's my week! 

I love you all!  I'm starting to write more letters to family and friends - I hope you’ll write me back! :) 

Hope you have a great week!  LOVE YOU!  The gospel is true!!  
Hermana Emily Bean

Even the mean biting red ants on this beach could not spoil the beautiful view.

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