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July 1, 2013 A Bruise, a Butterfly and some Baby Iguanas

From our outing last week!
Hola otra vez!! :)  [Hello, again!]

Tues. June 25:  After emailing, we visited Marta's mom in the hospital, then had Ward Council meeting in the chapel. (The Mission Nurse, Sister Visker flew home today!  She was a special friend to me.)

"YI" and Hna Bean  I just love this boy!
Wed. June 26:  We contacted all around Kmart and other stores for 2 hours!  A lot of random groups of punk guys gave us all sorts of fruit...?  We ate and taught a lesson at Margarita's house, and then tried to find some new investigator's addresses- no good.  :( Couldn’t find them :(  To end the day, we visited with Hna. Marta and her grandson "YI."  :) 
Wonderful Marta - I love her, too!

Thurs. June 27:  We again contacted till lunch.  We then met with a new investigator named “C” (her lower leg was amputated).  She has SO MUCH faith and such a strong testimony!  She's a joy to teach!  She enthusiastically says "Amen" to everything we say.  We then visited a less active member named “E” with joyful, wonderful, happy member Adiana!  :)  The night ended sad for me, though, cause I got discouraged about the lack of Spanish that I have.  (“E” talks 1001 miles per hour...)  BUT the work continues.

Fri. June 28:  After studies, we went contacting, and while going down a hill, I hit a speed bump too quickly.  Well, I pitched forward, the bike wheel HIT my inner right thigh hard, and then my beloved, thick, heavy Mountain Bike fell on top of me as I hit the loose, HARD gravel road. :(  Pretty bad accident.  First bike fall (on a mission, and as an adult).  The Lord blesses his children, though, because the person whose house I fell in front of, came rushing up to me, hoisted me up, sat me down, gave me juice, and got out her first aid.  I cried ‘cause it hurt, and I was scared and… ya know.  BUT she made me feel better because she cleaned my knee (which is cut and scraped up) and stuff.  Titi is her name. :D  I was able to walk back home, and have some minutes to rest on my bed. I looked at family photos, listened to some special recordings from home, and felt better.  After lunch, we visited with Ana (a recent convert), “W” (an investigator), and Betsy (a member). We went contacting between visits.  This time I was understanding and speaking more Spanish!  It comes and goes.  But the day ended fairly well!  :)  My legs just hurt a lot.

BIG bruise!  Haha
Sat. June 29:  I woke up and looked down to see a GINORMOUS bruise on my thigh (and it's been growing and darkening ever since)!  Yippee.  I'm slightly worried about it- half my leg is black and blue.  
Moth / Butterfly thingy!
We tried to visit “S” or “R” but they weren't there.  A moth or butterfly thing was there instead.  Ha. :)  We visited with recent convert WR, and she told me some crazy techniques on how to heal my bruise!  (Use a comb on it??)  We then visited with “D” and her 2 girls. :)  These girls (ages 9 and 10) really, really like me.  And I adore them too! :)  The lesson was good- and “D” wants to quit her 20 years smoking habit. :)  WOOT!  (I wanna try Elder David's cigarette idea, taping scripture references onto the cigarettes and stuff.)  Haha.  We then ate some delicious rice and beans and meat at Ana's house (recent convert).

Sun. June 30:  Church classes were combined both hours - all on missionary work!  We are strengthening the members so they feel more comfortable/confident contributing to the work.  We met with new investigator AF (she's got a cute 6 yr old boy named “L” and she reminds me of Hna. Thomas from the CCM!)  She speaks English and Spanish, so I knew that the lesson went well. Haha :)  It’s nice to understand more.  She's wants us to come back again next Sunday!  We enjoy each other’s friendship. :)

Ruth the bishop's dau-in-law gives me some more wound care for the knee.
We then drove to Cabo Rojo and visited with Maritza and Irving (their twins “N” and “C” didn't have time to hear our message).  Elders Deaver and Blake in Cabo Rojo also showed up, and we had a nice time talking about the gospel! :)  We then went to the bishop’s to eat and talk about missionary work. :)  
Pres. Smartt arrived today.  He now holds the keys to missionary work here (because he was set apart and given those rights or keys by proper priesthood authority).  So, Pres. Alvarado is now released, and no longer has his mission president keys. :(  After about 3pm, the two of them had an hour-long meeting in the president’s office in the mission home, and that was that.  Fare thee well President Alvarado!  Thank you for helping me transition to being a missionary, and WELCOME Pres. Smartt!  :)

Our district July 1, 2013
Mon. the 1st of JULY!!  We got up at 5am to clean our house and car.  :)  We had District meeting at 7am.  We then did our car reports afterwards, and raced over to email! :) 
Future plans: We hope to go to the zoo today (the ONLY zoo in Puerto Rico) with the Elders and recent convert Cristian!
We're going to see our new Mission President Tuesday or later this week!
On July 4th an eldery member named Brother Montalbo is going to take Sister Flores and me to Sizzler's for a July 4 celebration/dinner! No one celebrates July 4th like Utah (Haha), but I'm grateful for his kindness.
I also have lots of letters I need to write (like, 3 weeks worth)!  Thank you to everyone for your love, prayers, and support!

This month of June was crazy!  Sister Flores had dengue fever for 2 weeks, I fell off my bike, we don't have a Mission Nurse anymore, but we got a new Mission President!  WOW!  Let's see what happens in July!  We have transfers about the 17th!  :) 

Until next time:  I LOVE YOU!! :)  Hermana Emily Bean

These boys had baby iguanas - I held one just after this picture!

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