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June 24, 2013 Singing, teaching, touring and farewell

SOOOO much happened this week!  I will be as brief as I possibly can - don't have a lot of time …SO here we go…!

Mon. June 17:  After email, we did a couple errands (food, Walgreens) and then had a group FHE with Rose and Talia!  :) 
Family Home Evening group

This is a COQUI sitting on my missionary name tag!
Tues. June 18:  Got more bloods tests done for my companion Hna Flores.  Met with “B.”  Taught the Plan of Salvation to “S,” a newer investigator!!  Ward members Hna. Amaraliz and Edmary took us to Pizza Hut because today was Sis. Flores's 24th bday!!  There was a crab under our car.  As we were trying to slowly drive away, it ran in front of the car tire.  NO!!! :(   I think it was suicide…and we tried so hard to not run over it!  BUT we stopped by the chapel and I got to HOLD AND PLAY WITH A COQUI!  I saw it, and touched it!  WOW!  My tourist-goal came true already.  Perfecto!   After planning, I gave Sis. Flores a present and card. :)
Close up of the cute little coqui!

Choir rehearsal
Wed. June 19:  We went contacting in the hardcore RAIN!  We then visited with “M-ta.”  :)  We had a long visit with here.  That evening, we had our first official Choir practice!  We're singing Joseph's Smith's First Prayer Saturday for a stake talent show.  WOOT!  It was great to direct the choir and create an arrangement!  I'm also singing a solo called "The Maker's Touch." :)

Thur. June 20:  After studies, we drove up our neighborhood hill to find out about what looked like a SERIOUS fire that was there.  Turns out, a happy family was just burning tons of trash.  They, in return, gave us mangos (freakishly shook a tree to get the mangos down haha!) and let us see their new pitbull puppies.  haha We then gave them some information about the gospel and left. :)  We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ to “L”, and also taught her granddaughter, also named “L!”  It was a great visit!  We then met with “AR” about the Word of Wisdom, and then with Marta.  We talked about charity. :)

Fri. June 21:  After studies, we met with “H” and her mom.   We had a crazy turkey stalk us during the lesson.  (The turkey gobbled when I gobbled.  Yup - !  I'm a professional gobbler.) 
This is the stalking turkey.  Gobble!
Afterwards, we met with “D,” and she wants to stop smoking!!!  We're so excited for her!  She's really making great changes for herself!  As we were then driving to Cabo Rojo, I saw a woman in bright blue, sitting on the curb of a bar, and I felt that I should stop driving, and talk to her.  It was a wonderful experience and we have her info, and a visit set with her sister too! :)  In Cabo Rojo, we saw 8 people in one family baptized!!  And then contacted a reference from the Elders, to visit a woman who just lost her mom to cancer 2 months ago.  It was a very sad experience for “E” to lose her mom like that.  I am so grateful we know God’s plan for us, and can bear testimony that “E” will see her mom again.

Sat. June 22:  We RACED over to Marta's house, cause her elderly mom had to go to the Intensive Care center.  Marta was feeling extremely sad and called us to come over there immediately.  We comforted her and shared some scriptures and our testimonies of encouragement and about the gospel. :)  We then drove to Anasco for some contacting.  We ate pasta at a member's house.  We then raced over to the chapel in Mayaguez for our Stake Talent Show. 
Pink power rangers Haha!
After running through our song a couple times and setting up my karaoke song from my iPod, the activity began.  I sang first, then I directed the choir (who sang great and followed me perfectly!)  The rest of the night, I sat with “D” and her 2 girls (daughter and cousin I think).  We were all wearing PINK! :)  Haha!  There was lots of food (of course -This is PR!).  Afterwards, SO many members talked to me!  We then met with “T” and her boyfriend. :)  The night ended kinda scary when we heard 3 gunshots go off 2 apartments down.  “T” and her wonderful neighbor escorted us back to our car.  WHEW!

Missionaries and members on Sunday June 23
Sun. the 23
:  Church was lovely, and I sat by 3 young Primary girls: “N,” “M” and “P.” :)  They drew me pictures. :)   Sis. Flores and I packed our stuff after church, and at 2pm, drove to the office in Bayamon!  We were the first to arrive!  At 6pm, ALL us missionaries in Puerto Rico watched the Worldwide Leadership training!  In Spanish translation.  Woot.  haha! :) I understood half-ish of what was said.  I also saw some familiar faces - John W and a couple of fellow Women's Chorus ladies (from my BYU days)!   I looked for my brother Jonathan who sang in the HUGE choir of around 2,000 (1,100 missionaries from the Provo MTC and about 900 local members), and my mom (who was there), but the camera did not show them.  I also received some letters- one from Sister Emma Marie Smith (shes’s on a mission in  )!!! And the other from Kristen Bean!  WOOT!  After the broadcast and meeting with Pres. Alvarado, Hna. Flores and I stayed over with the sisters in Bayamon.

Mon. June 24:
  Got up at 4:30am.  Drove through RAIN, FLOODS, and WIND to get to a chapel in a nearby city.  ALL us missionaries had our studies, and then everyone carpooled up to Old San Juan!  For the majority of the morning, we got to look around the El Morro!!!  The most famous site in Puerto Rico!! 

On the trolley car on our way to El Morrow
Hna Bean in a turret of the old castle

Beautiful view from the castle wall
Back at the chapel, we all lined up and shook hands (exchanged our last comments) to Sister and President Alvarado.  They then shared their testimonies, and we sang "God Be With You Till We Meet Again." It was spiritual, and sad.  Their family waved goodbye and exited out of the chapel.  That was our last time seeing the Alvarados. :(   On the way back to the Bayamon apartment with another pair of sisters, our car was making BAD noises. We pulled over on a deadly highway, waited for the Elders to come, and rip off a rubber backing that was against our tire.  It was stressful!  But we soon got on our way!  Whew!  After we sisters split to our separate cars again, Sister Flores and I got lost trying to find the number 2 that would lead us to Mayaguez.  (I don't like feeling lost. haha) .  AND it was after dark.  Everything looks stranger at night.  Eventually, we figured out we were right by the office in Bayamon.  I had a feeling to go there and receive a blessing of comfort, even though it was almost 8pm.  To my amazement, the Whitakers were there, and after being comforted by Sister Whitaker, Elder Whitaker gave me a blessing. :)  He said that I would be able to drive to Mayaguez (a 2+ hour drive) safely.  After goodbyes, Sister Flores and I filled up our car with gas, and at 8:30pm started our drive back to Mayaguez.  I felt half asleep at times, but my eyes remained open.  Our car was guided, and yes we did make it safely to Mayaguez by about 10:30pm (VERY late considering mission hours).  We were so grateful for our safety!  I then called the Mission Nurse, Sister Visker and wished her well for her trip to Lehi, Utah, the next morning.  We're gonna be in touch every now and then.  :)  Around 11pm, I had the strength and energy (and the will), to read my Patriarchal Blessing – as this is the anniversary of when I received it. :)  WHAT A DAY THIS WAS!  WOW!!!  Wonderful.

Tues. June 25:  We had our normal studies and weekly planning.  We then had lunch and now we're emailing at the University.  :)  Life is good, life is about to change AGAIN (with the change in mission president), and I certainly am hoping I can change well with the change. :)  I hope all is well with you!  I love you all, and keep you in my prayers!  Till next week!  Love, Sister Bean

More views of our day at the castilla, Old Puerto Rico, etc.:

Famous street of typical pastel houses
La Perla - a dangerous crime area.  Scary!
Second generation of missionaries!
Our mothers both served in France Paris.  

I got a picture with Hermana Page!  Her mother, Soeur Lund, and my mother, Soeur Kirkwood, were
sister missionaries in the France Paris mission!!

They were junior companions to Soeur Wright (our good friend Anne Wright Adams) - my mom when she was in Orleans with Soeur Wright, and Hna Page's mom when she was in Bordeaux with Soeur Wright!  How COOL is that?!?! :)

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