Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013 New president & family, July 4th, good week

Girls Night IN - Young Women with
Sister Missionaries
A fun up-do hair-do for one of the YW

Mon. July 1:  After email last week, we stayed at Lopez's house from 1pm till 5pm!!  We did our laundry, I vacuumed our car, we ate some food, and I wrote some letters to Kristen Bean, SISTER EMMA SMITH, and the Scows. :)  We ran a couple of errands – for facial soap and food .  :)  In the evening, we had a great Girl's Night IN with young women “R” and “T” and Flor. :)  We had fun!!! 

Tues. July 2:  We had weekly planning for 2 hours.  Woot.  We taught about Patriarchal Blessings to recent converts Wanda and her daughter “S.”  I then had the opportunity to call Sis. Smartt (new mission president's wife!) about my hurting thigh.  They're from ALABAMA!  Try talking in Spanish with a Southern accent.  FUNNIEST, most awesome thing to hear ever.  Haha!! (Say this with the Southern accent: "Hola.  Como esta?  Bien?  Estoy agradecida!")  Anyway, she's so sweet and helpful!  We taught the Plan of Salvation to new investigator “G” (16 yrs old).  It was wonderful!  And she wants to be baptized Aug. 3- her birthday!!!  We then had ward meeting in the chapel, and planned for tomorrow.

Wed. July 3:  We drove to PONCE (1 hr drive) to get to know President Smartt and his family!!  :)  They're great!  President Smartt is 43 yrs old.  Sister Smartt likes to call the president "Lanny" (his full name is Philander Knox Smartt III). Haha,  They have 2 young daughters, ages 12 and 8.  President Smartt is from Burlingham, Alabama, and loves to work.  He is the primary share holder of a lot of companies (all us missionaries think he's a millionaire or something).  It's semi-intimidating.  BUT- he's nice and knows Spanish, and has the same physicality as Pres. Alvarado - Haha!  They're a very upbeat family!  WOOT!  In the evening, we met with "M-a," had choir practice, and met with a referral from the Elders, named MH.  :)  

This chicken is destined for a table
Thurs. July 4th!! - HAPPY JULY 4TH!!  I wore red and blue!  (and my skin's white, so it worked.)  We met with “N” in the morning, then visited with “C” in Anasco (she has such faith!).  We went over to Walgreens to buy some medical tape and gauze rolls after we got permission from Sis. Smartt (My thigh is so sensitive, even my clothes against it hurts! Ouch!)  Afterwards, we taught “N-a” and her teenage daughter “L.”  Around 6:45pm we met up with member Brother Montalbo, and ate at Sizzler’s!!  My first time! 
July 4 with Brother Montalbo
Woot!  It's kind of like Golden Corral.  It was nice to have a mini-celebration for July 4th!  I even heard a couple of my favorite songs in the background.  :)  I thought of Mom and Jonathan at Stadium of Fire the rest of the evening! :D  (I cried for a second missing them!)   Afterwards, we met with member Betsy, then drove to Anasco to get missionary Sis. Galvis (a sister missionary trainer who stayed with us the next day!)

Sister Galvis (in the middle) is a great missionary and trainer
Fri. July 5:  During Personal Study, I found some encouraging scriptures and prepared a visually-based lesson for “D” who wants to quit smoking!  (Thanks Elder Bean for the idea!)  We met with “M-re” after lunch, briefly met with “K” (who has a bunch of snazzy energy!), then ate food at Marta's.  Marta is a sweet, loving, kind lady (I’ve mentioned her before and you know I love her) but when I couldn't eat anymore, and there was still food in her BIG serving bowls, she began to sternly command me to eat: "COMER!  COMER!  COMER!"  Oh boyAlmost scared me!  Haha.  Anyway, we then drove to Anasco, said g'bye to (sister missionary trainer) Sister Galvis (it was fun to share the day with her!), and we got to briefly meet with “T” and “V.”  

Sat. July 6:  I had a lot of time to prepare the many different packages I want to send to my family!  WOOT!  We then got member Flor, and tried to meet with some people, but no was home when they should've been.  :(  Sad face.  In the evening, we met with MH and answered her very intelligent questions about the gospel!  :)  

Sun. July 7:  EARLY in the morning, before Church at 9am, we raced around trying to find our investigators and bring them to church, but no one was home in Anasco, or in Mayaguez.  Sad, sad day.  BUT our 16 yr old investigator “G” came to church!!!  :)  It was awesome!  And in Relief Society, we had 36 women present!  The most we've ever had!  WOOT!  Testimony meeting was really spiritually uplifting.  6'9" basketball player Gary from Logan, UT shared a STRONG, emotionally touching testimony (translated in Spanish by Bishop Berrios).  I also shared a simple testimony- all in Spanish.  I really enjoyed this testimony meeting, also sitting next to our  investigator / young woman “G”!  :)  We had lunch some time afterwards, and then met with “N”- sharing scriptures that testify that the Lord has revealed both The Bible AND The Book of Mormon to be His word to us.  :)  She seemed to understand, but she is a little hard for me to “read.” :)  I can tell she enjoys our visits, though.
Adiana is a great return-missionary and friend.
  We then carpooled in Adiana's car!  :)  She is such a blessing in my life!  She is an especially powerful example of the type of missionary (and person)  I want to be!  :)  How grateful I am that I know her!  (She's the member that served at SLC Temple Square.)  :)  We had a great lesson with spunky-fun “A”, and then had a mini meeting/interview in the chapel with Elder Acor.  We found other coquis too!  :)  We then all drove up to the Bishop's house in Anasco and ate some pretty fattening, but tasty food.  We planned late, till 10pm.  Whoops.  

Mon. July 8:  We cleaned our house at 6:30am.  We had normal studies, and then had a 1 hour session of weekly planning.  I then prepared 2 packages that are ready to be sent home, and we are now emailing!   WOOT!  :)
Elder David Bean stands in front of a view of Mairipora, Brazil
I enjoyed seeing all of Elder David's new pictures, which he emailed today!!!  His mission in Brazil is a BIG part of my mission in Puerto Rico!  I'm grateful I can serve a mission alongside twin David, and my friends! 
And Mom sent some pictures of the 4th from home!  :)  I'm so grateful for all the love and support we have as a family!  
Firework burst over Provo, UT
I hope all of you have a wonderful week!  I'll try to find more time to write to more people!!  Keep on keeping on! :)  

Love, Sister Bean

Another rainbow over Puerto Rico (West end of the island)
Land, ocean and sky 

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